The Unbeatable Urusov Gambit – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz lectures on the Urusov Gambit in the Bishop’s Opening. Black had better be careful, or the white Queen and Bishop will be kicking him around.

Nikolay Semenovich Tereshchenko vs Georg Rotlewi, All Russian Amateur (1909): C43 Petrov, Urusov gambit
Yakov Isaevich Neishtadt vs NN, URS simul (1950): C43 Petrov, Urusov gambit
Boris Avrukh vs. Almira Skripchenko, 2001: C43 Petrov, Urusov gambit


  1. Insane gambit with Chris Evan's insane disguise.

  2. This is the only chess guy that just gets straight to the point and starts moving pieces.

  3. "this move doesn't work because things work out for black"
    "that move doesn't work because the computer says black is winning"
    "so, if we showed this to a computer, it's theoretically equal…"

    so much of this, and not enough explanations. It's like he wants us to learn the moves by heart

  4. Guess this is what happens to capt America if he never took the super serum

  5. Worst teacher I’ve seen on the channel so far

  6. I play gambit all the time sometimes, no more like frequently it's unintentional and costly.

  7. Not sure where ye people plat chess but the most common move against whites bishop is pawn to b5 or pawn to d5. Ime.

  8. Really very good I am coming up age of 50 I have playing since agg of 8 every Sunday we play chess, i will try this

  9. What if they don't come into the gambit by playing e5

  10. Very great video but a small issue i found that in 29:47 if Black play Nxe7 is the good move because then Bg6 and if you play Qh6 Black will play Nf5 aim for your Queen and take back the advantage 🙂

  11. When I play against the AI it never responds in the way I see here

  12. Hmm? A job for life here then…..and now we will enlarge the openings. Looking to the future? Imagine that Chess was invented in the first day of the 21st Century! What will he be teaching!

  13. Check out. Tony Biggz defeats stock fish 10 in 1min 13sec. Only 18 moves Level 12cpu on pro.

  14. If black does not take at b2 (As in the Danish), why not play Nxc3 (like in the Smith Morra) looking to get the Rooks at c1 and d1?

  15. at 30:05, white could move queen g5+, Blk queen g7, then queen takes g7#, or am I overlooking something?

  16. It's really interesting when Captain America teaches you chess…😂

  17. Who is this guy in the background who thinks he is smarter than the teacher

  18. " Yakov Isaveich Neishtadt vs. no name …. so who do you suppose won? " (laughed for about 3 minutes straight) Nice!

  19. Instead of g4 by Stockfish, Fritz 11 likes Ne4 on 28:15. I don't know how Fritz 11 adds up to Komodo or Stockfish

  20. Where's Jonathan?? Why are there no more classes from him?

  21. 43:00 black can play Qa5! Then what!? Analysed using Stockfish, seems like a draw at best for white…

  22. 19:48 White can play Knight d2 or Pawn g4 to prepare an escape for queen before black plays Pawn g6.

  23. When you first asked after pawn d5 ehat to do.. instead of that move black can do castling also. It's a much better move.

  24. 6….Be7 and then 7…c6 ! Old variation and white has nothing!!

  25. 7:42 Re1? real players play Nc3?!?! go nakhmanson gambit go!


  26. In the line where White pays Nd4 Black doesn't have to play the weird ..Ng8

  27. So after Nc6, Qh4, what if they simply push d5? Do you just take the pawn and then continue with 0-0-0 and bring the rook over to e1?

  28. At around 21:30 I was wondering if it was a mistake or if he meant to blunder the queen.

  29. want to lead a simple life?……play d4 with white and sicillian with black

  30. At 6:41 I completely lost my focus on the chess theory because I started wondering how someone in a wheelchair manages to get out that door with the chair between the door and the button.

    You win again, ADD.

  31. he well later discover the nakmansion gambit which is someting around this its his favorite in 2020

  32. He also deal with kids in his presentation 🧒 lol lovely job…❤️

  33. this guy unnecessarily talks too much… :@

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