Chess King’s gambit short

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  1. watched it jst so i cld listen to the "damey damey(song)" 😂

  2. The zooming in is super annoying and actually detracts from what’s going on with the game. I stopped watching.

  3. Just saw a short of this one before i came here

  4. Are there more rubiks cube scrambles than chess games?

  5. I’m at first I was like “this is the ‘they know this but just the first part’ song from Bobby” and at the end I was like “oh”

  6. "You have to know this !1!!(okay.) Slight the queen and take it (Blunder!)big mistake resign now,if they are for the queen let em did you know the bobbybo show? Did you follow?"☠

  7. Ой, та ідіть в дупу з такими порадами.
    Ніхто без потреби не ходить пішаком на g лінії.
    Якби мої суперники на старті ходили пішаком по g, я б міг виграти хуєм і королем

  8. There's a similar sacrifice in the Vienna

  9. Am I the only one vibing to the song??😂

  10. This is how complex chess is, theory book moves are weird moves

  11. How’d the W queen capture the B rook? Wasn’t on the same color square. And if it was the W queen would’ve got taken by the B bishop

  12. even tho i dont play chess castling being a book move seems strange to me

  13. You know what the triple muzio gambit is crazier

  14. Gambetto Muzio… Se il nero giocherà le mosse giuste il bianco non ha altro che la patta per ripetizione di mosse…. Non certo il matto artistico che si vede nel video.

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