This Opening Got Me to 1500

Love it or hate it, the London has been my tried-and-true opening since I started playing chess two years ago. In this video, I’m using four of my own London games as a case study for understanding this opening and other insights as I climbed from 800-1500 in rapid games.





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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Game 1 (788)
08:00 – Game 2 (960)
11:54 – Game 3 (1270)
14:46 – Game 4 (1530)
18:24 – Thanks for watching

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  1. Great video, appreciate your insight and personal critique.

  2. Loved your video! very pedagogic, I am stuck in 900 elo, I have good tactics, but dont study any opening so I always improvise and lose advantage in the first movements

  3. I also used the London to carry me to 1500. I played probably 95% of my games as white using the london. I started to realize that my winning percentage was higher as black and it made me realize that I need to improve something, proportionately. I didn't look at any E4 openings in particular, but I just started playing. My rating dropped momentarily, but it quickly bounced back and improved past where I was initially. RIP London 🙏

  4. Now you're over 2000 in just a few more months?!

  5. One of Kamryn’s strengths is that she has retained an awareness of how she thought and envisioned the board at a much earlier stage. Many of the higher level teachers have lost that connection and blaze through with excellent, but hard to follow stratagems. I really appreciate her approach.

  6. A few weeks into chess. This is the only video that actually helped me understand the London System as a beginner thank you.

  7. Once I played London system accidentally and won the game 😅

  8. I figure it works well against most weak players and newbies which can lead to a quick rise in ratings.

  9. Great instructions. I’m inspired to try to use the London. I’m a beginner, so this video really helps; very useful and clear teaching.

  10. Great video. I’m learning lots. Do you have a video for being black? Thanks

  11. This was low-key one of the best instructional videos on YouTube with the london system. Your analysis was really helpful for someone in the 1300's (me). Hahah. Thank you!

  12. i don't care how many elo i might lose, im never gonna be a london player

  13. You get the points across really well….and it flows beautifully…Not boring, terrific amount of info in such a brief time!? I just love the London Opening and it’s relaxing complexity….Thanks a lot. Regards

  14. A small quote from you on another video “I didn’t think about what the other player thought I would do” it added 100 to my ELO

  15. I have been studying the London system. You try hard to memorize patterns of attack including numerous variations based on moves by your opponent. However, as a lower rated player, the opponent almost NEVER plays the lines pointed out in the theory videos. I want to always get my pieces developed with a pyramid of pawns in the center, then castle the white king moving both rooksr to the center and other pieces to reinforce the critical e4/e5 and d4/d5 squares. I am a methodical thinker that needs a solid system of development to start with as a foundation. What happens is the opponent starts attacking you BEFORE you get the London system completely developed. I end up with a "half baked" chaotic London system where several pieces get exchanged such as your bishop or even both bishops. Pawn storms by black are especially frustrating at the beginning part of the game before your basic development is complete. You can't turn the theory of the London system into a well developed attack platform when you are forced to exchange pieces ending up with a hodgepodge of chaos.

  16. real nice…more on the London middle game strategy would be of help..I have been playing the London for year as white…69 yo guy who started playing a year ago.

  17. People call it boring because a lot of people just spam out the London mindlessly. The London is like an onion with many layers, and you should be playing it differently depending how black plays. London is a great opening that gets a bad rep.

  18. Thank you for this video. Love it.

  19. Thank you, I watched this last night and what fun it was playing the London system today. I beat a player 1000 ELO (I'm only 500). Great video. Such fun watching the system work like clockwork.

  20. I heard the sound of a car or motorbike at about 2:56 on the video😀. Great video, I'm trying it myself at mo.

  21. I do not believe this story, sorry. 800-2000 in 2 years, allied with the fact that you had such poor judgment starting out, no way.

  22. Thanks. Really Never looked at openings. Tho my Highest in blitz 3 minutes 25++.. Always played E4. And against D4. Always played Nf6.

    Learning new stuff is nice.

  23. Good job on explaining your situation and how to improve . Love it !

  24. Thank you for the video. I love the London. Funny enough I was playing against someone today with it and I got to about move 15 moving my Knight to the E5 square and they just gave up.

  25. just started playing chess 2 yearons ago….and now 1500-2000 rated….amazing

  26. The London System with the white and with the black I use the Cow opening. 😊 you’re welcome

  27. Thanks for sharing your games, it’s interesting to see 700-800 players still making simple blunders. I’m 500 and occasionally I play opponents who play like a 1000 😅😅😅

  28. Thanks to thia opening it got me to 1499 not a 1500.

  29. I’m a beginner but I love this opening and this is a great breakdown!

  30. Why do all your games start with the king on the right hand side of your queen? Mines always swapping the queens and king position starting position.

  31. I like the Italian or Ruy Lopez opening .Ruy Lopez simply attacks the knight to break the middle pawn structure. The Italian simply can attack the pawn on c2 if you don’t watch out in 8 moves you can be in checkmate but no a beginner should not worry about opening get good at the middle and end game and just learn from your mistakes

  32. Nice to see some pure basics and a regular game. Too many experts feature high level games which goes over 70% of players heads!

  33. that was actually very good! Gonna apply that right now haha (~1200 elo rn)

  34. Pretty much the Stonewall defense plus the early black square bishop move to F4. Very nice.

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