This Smart Chess Board Will Blow Your Mind!

This is a smart chessboard aka the Square Off Grand Kingdom chess board and in this really cool chessboard, the pieces move automatically. It’s one of the coolest gadgets we have tested.

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Link to smart chessboard:



  1. Automatic chess board, a game where you need to wait at least 25 seconds to move or capture and wait for the other 40 seconds for your pawn to walk its way outside the board.

  2. I read many horror stories of taking your money and not responding for months. Plus the mechanism inside been too loins and too slow

  3. Does knight pass through pawn ? 😂 fake

  4. Bhooto ke sath chess khelne ka tarika thoda kezual hai 💀

  5. Bro expensive sets don't matter Your strategy matters

  6. Chess board will play with itself…just start the game and go outside

  7. Well the technology is excellent but not convenient, and humans avoid inconvenience ( mind you the price is also inconvenient) and hence it will probably not be a commercial succes, maybe it can become a success if people start considering it giffen goods , hence as a show piece which suits a nice house, but the technology is surely very intriguing

  8. How many times did he say automatically?

  9. Is we have fingers ?
    Then use it bullshit😂

  10. This chess board is so good that it blew his eyes too

  11. Why it’s still moving if my phone is off 😂

  12. The chess board whole day:😎☕
    At 3am : 👻👽☠️

  13. Thinking about how horse move when want to do first move the horse.

  14. Friend mobile se move dega aur me uska gooti hata dunga abb dekta hu kyse kha pata h 😂

  15. I always wanted one because I always purchase chess but no one is there to play they say they actually don't know how to 😂

  16. А как коню выйти на первом ходу?

  17. Ahah now play blitz in this chess board 🤣🤣

  18. But what about a knight which is blocked from all four sides

  19. Harry potter be like after Seeing this Chessboard: Expecto Patronum!!!! Board gets Destroyed*

  20. How did the horse hop through pieces at the beginning

  21. Not me trying to find magneto hiding somewhere

  22. How the board will move the knight by jumping from a piece 😂

  23. How will it move knight if there is a piece in between?

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