Top 18 Attacking Principles/Concepts In Chess – How To Attack Correctly – How To Sacrifice Pieces!

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0:00 – Intro
0:44 – #1 – Lead in development
2:13 – #2 – Control of center
2:57 – #3 – Exposed enemy king
4:15 – #4 – Basic tactics required
5:20 – #5 – Opposite side castling
7:05 – #6 – Need advantages
8:23 – #7 – Attack specific weaknesses
10:02 – #8 – Have/create open lines
11:41 – #9 – Remove key defenders
13:32 – #10 – Momentum is important
14:45 – #11 – Certain openings are better
15:38 – #12 – Easier to attack than defend
16:48 – #13 – Have enough pieces
18:50 – #14 – Use ALL your pieces
19:09 – #15 – Sacrifice multiple pieces
21:32 – #16 – Doesn’t have to end in checkmate
22:55 – #17 – Have courage
24:20 – #18 – Know common checkmate patterns
24:56 – Example Game


  1. Just want to say thanks for all of your free educational videos. They have been really helpful over the past few months, thanks again ( beginner 1250 lichess rating 960 player )

  2. Love your videos man. I'm gonna challenge stockfish 6 now.
    Mating patterns😂

  3. Thanks a lot for very instructive stuff. I have implemented this in my chess training ☺

  4. Beautiful lesson. Thank you very much publisher.

  5. You're kidding right? There just could be an incorrect way to attack.

  6. I understand the game, my only challenge is Tactics. I don't see clear chances to attack even when its in front of me

  7. i always finish with a checkmate. problem is it’s usually on me

  8. That was a nice one,I'd never would have seen that sac.

  9. Excelent content! Well done Nelson! 👏👏

  10. Your videos are so helpful. Straight to the point, no wasting time, getting across this knowledge at the fastest speed possible, while we can still follow along with what youre explaining. amazing videos.

  11. At 8:30 when white plays g3, another weakness is that he has left his e pawn exposed. What about if black just takes it? g3 is such a bad move that it not only weakens the white squares in multiple ways but has left a pawn en prise as well. However the move Bishop h3 is questionable because of white playing bishop taking on f7 and if king takes – knight g5 picking up the bishop. If black moves the king instead white can retreat the bishop and although he loses the exchange – black's exposed king and weak white squares are good for white.

  12. Thanks for the tip, i hope i win in our try out tournament tomorrow🙏

  13. #4 basically means I should never go on the attack.

  14. I love how you let us pause the video and decide the next move it's like a mini puzzle inside of video.

  15. Fantastic tips. Thanks for putting this video together. It is extremely helpful

  16. I've watched 100s of videos on chess.. I feel like I'm gonna keep rewatching this one for a week.. I'm at my 3rd time

  17. 19:58 Down 2pts material (B sacked but picked up pawn) but position is worth about 8pts. Thus engine showing about 6pt advantage here. After punting off both Rs engine says advantage is down to about 3.5. Black Na6 was a blunder. B to that square is best. No mate. Still not a fun game for black with white up about 4.

  18. Beginner chiming in here. At 14:37. Couldn’t black move his king to d6 to avoid being checkmated?

  19. Awesome game, really well done! Thanks for the tips!

  20. ,,,👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. What does nm mean? I'm unfamiliar with this title.

  22. Can we get more examples of number 7 specific weaknesses please?

  23. Clear and direct with not too many “what-ifs” clouding the message.

  24. Mating patterns and sacrifices are the hardest to learn even for good players

  25. Nice, very cool mate in your game at the end👌🏻

  26. I am familiar with most mating patterns: missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy, you name it. I suck at chess but I slay the 304s in life!

  27. I love mating. Sometimes I mate… by myself.

  28. 30:13 you can also do checkmate by knights with first check by rook on g2

  29. In the immortal game, 14th and 15th principles, white nearly failed in his quest to mate by moving e5 which was completely unnecessary, unless I missed something.

    Lucky that black wasn't watching and played Na6. Black could have prevented the line leading to checkmate had he played Na6 or even Ba6.

    Instead of e5, white should have just launched into the winning line with Nxg7+ and proceed as described.

  30. At 14:09 …..didn't HAVE to move their king…..did had alternative move….

  31. I start a game, play some dumb shit and loose my queen, but I can never give up. So I keep loosing my pieces and finally check mate.
    I come back to watching YouTube videos

  32. One of the more basic (and quite useful) videos I have seen. The teaching style is excellent. Thank you.

  33. justice Raviraja pandian Kalyana Sundaram says:

    I play chess a lot

  34. Nice,,,,idol,,,👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  35. 9:05 Bh3 loses a pawn to Bxf7+ Kxf7, Ng5+ forking the king and bishop.

  36. what happens if the opponent plays g6 defending against the jerome gambit? i see the jerome gambit is risky and tough to play but i don’t see immediately why that isn’t better than defending the horsey with the king

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