Top 4 Chess Opening MISTAKES After 1.e4

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the 4 most common chess opening mistakes that millions of chess players keep making without even realizing that they are doing it wrong.

First of all, let’s make sure that you are not making these mistakes after 1.e4 as White, and secondly, you will learn how to punish your opponents when they make these opening errors.

These mistakes are extremely common in below 1600 rating level, but even higher rated chess players often make these mistakes and fall for these traps. These mistakes happen after the most common opening moves (in the Italian Game): 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6.

► Chapters

00:00 4 Most Common Chess Opening Mistakes
00:25 Mistake in the Italian Game opening
01:46 Mistake-1: 4.Nc3, Four Knights Game
03:37 Mistake-2 in Two Knights Defense
04:25 3 out of these 4 moves are wrong
05:11 Mistake-2: 6.h3 preventing Bg4
08:38 If White tries to prevent g4
10:46 Mistake-3: 6.Nc3
14:34 What is the correct move for White?
15:17 Mistake-4: 6.Bg5

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  1. Thanks men…. You're smart.
    You studying error??

  2. You teach it as a tree diagram, it made me to understand easily.keep it up. Thanks for free tutorials. I am from india. Happy to see you.

  3. These videos are excellent. From a rookie, thank you!

  4. I think it's time for me to subcribe😊

  5. Thank you. Goes a bit too fast for me but will watch several times.

  6. tried that King-side attack from Black several times before giving it up. They never go into the lines here. (But I have gotten some great ideas from this channel.)

  7. Iv been watching so many of your videos as much as I learn from them! But I often wonder. The reason I started playing chess was to sharpen my thinking. But listening to other peoples idea my gameshave become all about winning rather than sharpening my mind. Now I feel like im running a script!

  8. Chess players click here👇🏻

  9. Hi, great teaching!

    But please can you put the link to the related videos you’ve mentioned in the description so I can easily move forward to the said video?

    Thank you.

  10. The cat in background is sleeping so peacefully 😍

  11. at 3:44 i played many times Nc3 ..and if they take in center the pawn with pony and then try to fork .. i take on f7 with bishop and ruin black castle then take the pony

  12. I always do it because the machine told me to do it once and I remember the positions, but never understood the reason. Thanks this was clear and easy even to a low level like me.

  13. Milllions of thanks for these lessons. They are really magnificent.

  14. Thanks for posting this video! I have fallen for a few of these. Never again!

  15. In the first example, if he pushes your bishop with his pawn with h3? trade bishop for knight? then his queen is eyeing down your f7 pawn… what is the best response for this when you cannot simply castle next move?

  16. The problem with these videos is these positions never happen.

  17. I kinda feel like a lot of counter play from white was overlooked here

  18. At 3:06, if White were to move their pawn to H3 to push away your bishop, would it not be better to move your bishop to F5?

  19. Meanwhile when ever you play these black lines… Whites bishop always takes the Kings Knight instead of stepping back and ruins your game plan.

  20. At 2:10, what‘s wrong with Bxf7+ and then followed by Nxe4, am i missing something?

  21. 2:11 if this is a mistake, why stockfish advises that Nxe4 is the best move for white?

  22. Black launches a kingside attack with h6!

  23. At 4:14 why dont you just take e5 with the knight and turn that trap around on him. Ne5… Nxe5. d4 ???

  24. I have watched a couple of your videos and they are so awesome!! 👍😎

  25. A couple of things: 1) These videos are great and…2) These videos remind me of how poorly I play chess. Because if there is a mistake to be made I'll make it. Cheers.

  26. hi.

    At time 2:09 instead of this white movement(C*e4), at first white moves F*C2+ & then C*e4 & black can not take small castle.

    At time 11:11 it's not the turn of black!! so FC8-G4 is wrong!!(look at the symetrical position of black pieces against white). it turns of white.

    but inspite of these mistakes, your training is excelent & i use & enjoy it. thanks.

  27. Question: Instead of having things get worse for white after white has used the bishop to pin the queen, would trading a knight for two pawns be such a bad thing? I am a novice, wouldn't even be able to guess my rating, but I've found that the people I play never seem to consider that I would trade a knight for two pawns. This is especially tempting to me when those two pawns are center pawns (in the example above they are not center pawns). Your thoughts?

  28. "pretty much everyone goes for Nf3"
    me who plays the Vienna with Nc3 🗿

  29. i dol can u recomend me a book for chess to improve my ability in chess?thnk u so mch.

  30. You analised position that could only occured if black was first to move, Count the numbers of moves for black and white for position at the start of analysis. You said that white had extra tempo, but it is obvious in simetric game that black had extra tempo

  31. Hello , i really need help. Since i play the stafford gambit i mostly end up in a russian game three knights if the opponent does not go for the kings pawn.
    I dont want to continue with the fourth knight because this leads to italian game which i dont like. So i pull my bishop and hope that the opponent grabs the kings pawn now, but this does not happen.
    So, can anybody give me some hints what to do in that 3 knights constellation??

  32. Tanks for retching from Philippines

  33. I'm completely new to chess. This video was very helpful in showing some of the options that black has available to play.

  34. My issue is they never leave the queen in the pin😂
    Like… Never

  35. you talk too fast… there are no pauses to look at where one is…

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