Top 5 Aggressive Chess Openings

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will show you the top 5 openings that are aggressive and surprising for your opponents.

These openings also have a crazy success rate! Most of your opponents play the most natural moves and fall victim to your crushing attack. Therefore, you are most likely to win according to the database and statistics.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 Aggressive Chess Openings
00:20 1. King’s Gambit
02:08 Mind-blowing attack!
04:53 2. Sicilian Defense, Alapin Variation
07:57 3. Two Knights Defense
10:35 4. Four Knights Game, Halloween Gambit
14:14 5. Petrov’s Defense, Cochrane Gambit

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  1. ► Chapters

    00:00 Top 5 Aggressive Chess Openings

    00:20 1. King's Gambit

    02:08 Mind-blowing attack!

    04:53 2. Sicilian Defense, Alapin Variation

    07:57 3. Two Knights Defense

    10:35 4. Four Knights Game, Halloween Gambit

    14:14 5. Petrov's Defense, Cochrane Gambit

  2. can you show us which game gave you gm title?

  3. Really outstanding. Very interesting, instructive and useful. Thank you

  4. 75 pt playing on lichess Petrov's Defense, so i dialed 1 800 Cochrane it work :)/…

  5. Dang! GM Smirnov is the best! Thanks to him I am now crushing most of my opponents with his brilliant tactics!

  6. the most useful and best video so far keep up like this ❤️

  7. Your YouTube graphic for this video says that it's supposed to talk about e6. Only the first trap presented is about the e6 square, none others.

  8. 7:34 what about B:e6 instead of N:d4 and after Q:e6, black queen e8, than h6: only I think that is a small fault – not elucidated. Further information: it is not quite simple, because after h6, goes black pawn g7 on g6 and black game is saved. The only what white has is to take g4, white has one light figure less, so probably he will win???? So probably better would be instead of going with the h5 on h6 to provide the check with the movement Qf5+ and than after Kg8 to take g4 but after Ne5, Qg3, black Qd7 further play is saved for black again??? Very often I am blind not seeing simple defence, simple movements, so I hope that you will read this annoucement and would answer me whether my analysis is good. I suppose that you will not trouble with this inconvenience.
    Above written quite bad analysis. I will leave it like it is written to show that a weak player doesn´t see these simple movements about which I am mentioning above. After in 7:34 movement of the black B:e6, would go movement of the white Qg6+ and black game is lost.
    I will never master chess – I am 71 years old.
    But for master Smirnov some remark: this movement B:e6 maybe should be by him mentioned in his lecture.

  9. My advice for the on-lookers: by my opinion it is necessary to analyse these videos like this one thorougly, with eventually analysis on your own chess-board, so it takes more time to master these videos than these 17 and the half minute like in this case.

  10. ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!! Arguably your greatest video!!

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