Top 5 Most Popular Chess Openings

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  1. Wheres Italian? Ponziani? These are the only two I know

  2. Italian is way more common than ruy Lopez under 2000

  3. I am high 1200s on lichess and the Caro Kann is OP. I love the advanced variation, go pawn to C5 after they advance 👌

  4. Kings opening kings gambit fried liver London system uhmmmm where am i

  5. Sicilian defense has 4 brilliant moves

  6. Caro kann is also number one hated opening in chess

  7. Carro kann Great if your starting off chess

  8. Carro kann Great if your starting off chess. I always play the Italian opening i can castle in beginning and I get my knight and bishop on the Bord

  9. French and London🤢🤮😂
    Just not my cuppa tea that’s all

  10. Scandinavian has left the chat

  11. Ruy lopez would turn into italian game if that bishop moved to d3

  12. Bro i everytime use the queen gambit opening

  13. Ah yes, Bobby Fischer, my favorite Sicilian

  14. Gotham Chess, you will be remembered as the caro kann man.

  15. Italian is like 20x more popular than the caro

  16. London system: why we still here just to suffer

  17. Italian, Indian Defense, Pirc Defense, and Scotch have left the chat.

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