Top 6 Chess Traps

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List of the Top 6 Chess Traps from the video:
#6 Legal Trap 0:43
#5 Blackburne Shilling Gambit Trap 1:51
#4 Elephant Trap 4:09
#3 Lasker Trap 5:29
#2 Englund Gambit Trap 7:44
#1 Fishing Pole Trap 9:43


  1. Chess is not a very complicated game really, but it is the most "involved" by far, with possibilities of tactical play, almost like a black hole of possibilities that our brains explore, sometime finding gold, sometimes being lost forever. It is a primitive game based on the warfare of royalty. What a waste of life that has been in reality, and on the board for many people. So I now just make a fist, and pound it on the table so all the pieces fly off the board, and claim victory from the liberty that lead to scientific advancement. 🙂

  2. Are these the top 6 chess traps that Magnus will fall for?
    I will study this 11 min well, ————————–and show him "what's what!".

  3. 7:59 My computer game, (Gametop, grand master chess 3, easy adult level), white queen will move to d5, and smoke you.
    Make a vid of you beating it from that position and post it, (it will be in that position at that "easy adult level".). I know you will not be posting the first game as your win.
    Most of us play computer games. I think I can beat you, if I can beat that game at the easy adult level, (I did win the last 2 though. never did 2 in a row before. 1 out of 10 is average.).

  4. 7:03 rook takes knights check,king doesnt have to move although u should take with the pawn and turn into a knight so then u put ur white bishop and deliver check and that gives u a free queen and possible u can turn in to a mate if you take with yours

  5. Very successful Traps! Keep the very good Job!

  6. in the Lasker trap, why wouldn't the king just eat the pawn ?

  7. In the Lasker trap, why doesn't the castle take the third knight?

  8. “Up by a decent amount of material” dude I’m plus a knight and minus a pawn, I’m still gonna lose the game

  9. What happens if oppenent captures knight instead of pawn in BSGambit

  10. In 6:48 why didn’t the king capture the pawn on F2? That seemed like the more sensible thing to do.

  11. at 7:04 you put knight at G1 and put king on check, there rook can kill the knight and later you take queen and king takes queen. youll lose

  12. Dapat po inuulit nyo 3 beses bwat isa kc mahirap ilista

  13. In legal trap, I’m just wondering why white pawn threatens bishop 1:05 if white horse can directly take the pawn, leaving the queen (for the bishop to capture)

  14. 7:00 Why white wouldnt just take the pawn/knight with his rock?

  15. Warning : Will work only when ur opponent doesn't know about these traps.

  16. Lasker trap won't work because the knight would be taken down by the rook and we will be trapped

  17. What is rook doing when knight is checking on king in trap 3.

  18. Newbie question, at 6:53, why not use the white rook to capture the black knight?

  19. Just want to ask question, for the lasker trap, why the rook did not capture the horse being promoted from a pawn? Is there any rules regarding that? Thanks

  20. These never work against a computer player, unless the bot is useless…lol

  21. Learned the legal trap on my own and it works OFTEN its a natural line and it's easy to think QUEEN I WIN but then it's a forced mate in two……easy to defend against but easy to slip into I land that check mate VERY often and even thought I had developed the line as I found it one my own after many games.

  22. In the third trap..The rook can take the knight

  23. 3:36 the best move is actually knight takes c2 check. This forces white to give up their queen because if king f1 then queen h1 is checkmate.

  24. Me going with the trap in mind
    *Opponent doesn't do the moves"💀

  25. That is where the trap will be deployed! 🤣

  26. Am I missing something with the Lasker trap? Wouldn't the rook just capture your newly promoted knight with g1?

  27. hand to hand chess play,i wine rs.5000 case,is true

  28. What if they take the knight instead of the queen on the first trap

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