Tricks That Work On 1000 Rated Players

Tricks Only Speedrun Part 5 – This speedrun includes openings such as The Grob, Benko Gambit, Blackburne Shilling Gambit, Portuguese Gambit, Jerome Gambit, Englund Gambit and Nakhmanson Gambit, Benoni, Smith-Morra, Ponziani, Hippo, Portugese Gambit, Fried Liver, and Danish Gambit

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  1. Has anyone got a link to Hikauru’s playlist on Spotify??

  2. 12:19: Why did the opponent not go for the queen and rook fork with the knight instead, taking a pawn in the process?

  3. Differenet pieces were of different sizes. I noticed one knight, one bishop, one pawn, and one rook were smaller than their counterparts in each color.

  4. yo with plays like these this guy will b 1000 elo in no time.

  5. Well I know if "Trixr4kids" comes up in my match, for sure that guy is NOT 965 ELO.

  6. Each of you have one big rook and one smaller rook, one big bishop and one small bishop. So I think you are right that some are bigger than others, however you both have it.

  7. Am I trippin' or that pawn on d6 at 1:22 slanted at one side

  8. I think all the pieces on the queen side look bigger than the ones on the king side and it's both colors.

  9. Why are hikaru's intros are literally so good and funny

  10. Black knight looks bigger then white one bc purple colour gives black knight more shadow effect

  11. Don't ever disrespect me looking like the clown Otis Driftwood shot in 3 From Hell! You heard?!

  12. First game hikaru wasnt even watching talking about lets check mate then carrying on his conversation 😅 this game can definitely make a big vein grow in your forehead

  13. 15:57 yea the black queen Bishop and rook are all oversized with the white bishop. Bunch of different sizes going on here,

  14. I had to watch the first 10 seconds 5 times to get what happened.

  15. Opponent: He's taking a long time I must have made a good move
    Hikaru: Thanking twitch subs

  16. can someone tell me how to do this chess? what hikaru chess lookslike, there's something like effects everytime he moved, is that chess mod or soemthing can someone tell me or show me how?

  17. Is it legal when GM players play in low rating matches ? It would be like low rating players are playing against players using engine. It is not fair right ? Some Super GM are nearly as good as engines.

  18. Once I realized the queenside pieces are bigger than the kingside pieces I couldn't pay attention to anything else

  19. Player: hes thinking for so long i got him!
    Hikaru: my knight is wam

  20. I am struggling to beat 1000 players here 😅
    Hikaru is chess God guys seriously

  21. White Knight on g1 looks bigger than black and black knight on b8 looks bigger than b1.

  22. Me: He is taking so much time to play i must've confused him withe my plays
    Hikaru: i Think my night is bigger than his

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