TRICKY & Powerful Chess Opening for Black [Works Against 1.e4 & 1.d4]

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🔹 TRICKY Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4 [Unstoppable Attack] –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a simple, universal, and aggressive chess opening for Black which you can play against virtually any first move of White. It happens after the first moves 1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 e5 3.d5 Ne7, which is known as the Kennedy, Linksspringer Variation from the Nimzowitsch Defense.

Although it may seem like White has a good position because of the strong central pawns, it is Black who gets to create a quick and devastating attack on the kingside. In fact, in the most played variation White loses in just 7 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive & Universal Chess Opening for Black
00:40 Black’s main plan in this opening
01:17 Stats: 7-move win in most common variation
04:34 Transposition from 1.d4
05:27 Line-2: If White plays 7.Nf3 instead of 7.Nge2
05:46 Play the prophylactic move a5
06:42 Middlegame attacking plan for Black
08:53 GM Igor Smirnov Birthday Special
10:00 FAQ-1: What if White doesn’t play 2.d4?
10:42 FAQ-2: What if White plays 3.dxe5?
11:16 FAQ-3: What if White plays 2.d5?
11:36 FAQ-4: What if White plays 2.Nf3?

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  1. happy birthday your teaching expands us it helps me a lot to get ready its my first chess academy video and i already learned how to play the nimzowitch thanks alot!!!!1

  2. But White just plays 2.Nf3, and then Black has nothing better than 2. .. e5, transposing into a normal King Pawn opening.

  3. Happy Birthday sir. Thanks a lot for teaching so well.

  4. Happy birthday, Igor!!! Always enjoying your YT tutorials! Best wishes, teacher! 😊

  5. Happy 35th birthday gm Igor 🎂🎂
    I used to be fan of Dubov as my only favourite gm, but I'm also you fan now since I've learned a lot from your channel.. 👍
    I would appreciate it if you mention/review your match if you two ever encountered in a chess game before.
    Greetings from Indonesia 🙋

  6. Im a 1900 player and been addicted to this as my main opening for over a decade with decent results and extremely fun games. black always gets to attack first. I play the atrocious Nh6 tho

  7. Best wishes maestro. Thank you for all the helpful videos. It makes playing a lot more enjoyable 🎉

  8. Thank you GM Smirnov!! I'd like to teach my students chess.

  9. I've played this opening quite a lot, and have had great success (relative to my rating of course) when my opponent plays ball. Where I struggle is having an adequate response to white's 1d4, 2Nf3 London System. I normally play 2d5 and move into a Chigorin-type defence. I also struggle with 1e4 Nc6 2Nf3. I don't want to play 2..e5 and other responses haven't been particularly successful. I normally move into a Pirc-type position. Any ideas/suggestions?

  10. I'm late to the birthday Igor! Happy Birthday – thank you for all the lessons mate!

  11. 2:58 White could just go F3 and force the knight to retreat or be captured. I don't understand why anyone would castle at that point. I'm also really surprised to hear that advancing the white pawn to D5 is the most common next move in that early moment… you're just giving chase to a superior piece it makes no sense.

  12. Igor, I love your videos, but as I become a better player I unfortunately find that the move order/set ups that you teach rely on unrealistically bad or naive play from your opponent- for example in this video black has two knights on G6 and F6 respectively- and yet white plays Knight E2? I cannot believe that Knight E2 is the most common response to a very obvious knight threat- perhaps for a 500 rated player but anyone over an Elo of 800 is gonna play A3 and stop the F6 knight from threatening A2.

  13. Doesn't work absolute shit I tried it and if someone attacks ur Bishop whole thing don't work

  14. Igor is quite adept at explicating valuable opening ideas that don't require reams of memorization. In many cases, just becoming aware of, and then remembering, the basic tactical theme that runs through the variations is enough to be able to play the opening competently. But be careful about playing with fire! In these days where ten-year-old kids are being trained by grandmasters, that 1200 player you think you're going to beat quickly with an opening trap may have gained 500-800 points in playing strength since the last tournament he/she was rated for.

  15. Thank you sir for your videos. Happy Birthday. ❤️❤️

  16. Subscribing your channel immediately after watching this video

  17. white d4 pawn will attack the b6 knight and if b6 knight goes to e5 then white will move pawn to f4 to attack the knight on e5

  18. Why is the most common move knight e2, could you explain what happens if they instead go kh3

  19. Mi get a lotta 1d4. I play knight c6 but I run into the mikanes opening. How to deal with this?

  20. Is this variation called somethinf yet if not lets call it smormov defense

  21. This opening got me to not be afraid of 1. d4 anymore! Thank you so much!

  22. Is this also a Opening that you can use against higher rated opponents or doesnt it work as good with them?

  23. 👍😊 Great content! Happy Birthday GM Igor 🎂

  24. SELECT ESTATES - North Cyprus Property says:

    Whats the name of this opening?

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