Universal Chess Opening against all Sicilians

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  1. is it not Qg4 stronger on 22:07?what's rhe possible defense on this if ever.

  2. I am new to your channel … Please speed up your video speed upto 1.3x, your speed is much slow

  3. I've been playing 2. c4 against the Sicilian (and writing about it) for years. The main drawback is that 2…e5 leads to a closed English and doubles your homework, which is why I gave it up. Also the e6 systems for Black will tear this opening to shreds.

  4. A strong player as Black will NEVER allow White to do any of this. It's been a long time but I think I covered 2. c4 in The Fine Art of the Miniature. Against anything but 2…e5 you can get a Maroczy Bind with 3. c4 but that runs into difficulty against e6 due to the Bb4 threat. Usually though you can play to a single key position at move 12 but not with d3 for White, d4 instead and go to a Closed English if Black plays 2. e5, which can also arise after 1. e4 e5 2. c4.

  5. Thank you! I just figured out something to improve my repertoire (not one of your moves but an idea I had long forgotten). BTW I play 2. d4 for the quick pawn break and go for Qe3 after Qxd4 rather than the Sicilian.

  6. Nice & very helpful video. Plz upload a video on universal opening against french defence…

  7. D5 by black seems like a potent move to break the center but you never address what to do there

  8. 3-0 with this opening. Thanks man. Will be go to against Silician

  9. Isn't this known as botvinnik system in the English opening?

  10. I was 900 rated 7 months ago…by watching all repertoires believe it or not i am 1800…

  11. Rumor has it when GJ chess enters a tournament and says “Boom” his opponent packs his bags and goes home.

  12. Hi Gj hope you are well.I always see your video .Honestly I am saying that your video makes stronger me then before. I am inviting you come to my country lovely Bangladesh.

  13. I can actually use this in tournament play where nearly everyone plays the Sicilian against 1.e4. I can’t find the PGN though.

  14. Sorry I stopped at 2.c4. Looks too ugly for me.

  15. Hello GJ_Chess I am your subscriber and I want to tell that I wanted a line against sicilian so thank you for this… 1 thing I want to ask that do you use chess base and if yes How did you gave a lot of moves for white continuously?? Please reply that and 1 more thing how did you got these board schemes?? Please reply!! And 1 last thing which recorder you use?? Please reply…..

  16. Nice video Gunjan… VERY solid and easy to learn

  17. 😂😂😂black fun has come to the end😂😂😂 GJ you should join maurice ashley als a commentator. greetings from morocco 💕✌.

  18. I used this opening in a tournament to beat a 2000+ rated player. Great vid

  19. "BOOOMMM"!!!!….. Black is dead and this is the last time it will play the game…
    I like your style Bro and will keep reading from you….. Thank you and regards…..

  20. Was able to draw a 2000 rated engine with this (was winning until I blew the endgame)

  21. If white plays d4, can black still play f5? Is that still sicilian defense?

  22. This is quality 🙌👌🧠🏋️‍♀️

    Definitely gonna use it

  23. this is in fact the closed Sicilian system (grand prix version) except it starts with c4 – the maroczy bind, which is normally used against accelerated dragon.

  24. Opening scores poorly in the databases.

    Black has a number of good set ups.

  25. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. One question regarding game 1. Why isn't Qf8 solving the problems for black?

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  27. I want to share a game against Sicilian defense

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