Use This Chess Trap Against The French Defense! #chess #shorts


  1. where can someone get this slotted chess set

  2. Can you make video about this trap it happen in e4 d5 Nf3 then pawn takes pawn then Ne5 then the popular move is f3 then you win the rook by check with queen block with the pwn is the only move then brilliant move Nxg3 win the rook.I dont see any youtuber say about this trap so please try this

  3. I saw this line in one of my games as black and im so happy i avoided it

  4. Do you know what to do when you’re playing on lichess? Propose a takeback as you make that bishop move and act like it’s a mouse slip to seal the deal 😂😂😂

  5. Bxd7 is better, because we trade pieces and he can’t save his queen because it’s a check, and we’re up a queen

  6. Not discovered check, discovered attack. Great job 🎉🎉

  7. When you opponent doesn’t play the French defence😢

  8. I studied this while studying French defense. Bd3 must be met with Bd7 before Nxd4

  9. This should be a trap someone falls into only once: Lesson: move the B to block the discovery by the Bb5+ and then there's just the rest of the gambit to deal with.

  10. Bro I don't have a chess board at home but I want to make 1 at home, can you tell me how you did it?

  11. Part 69,420,420,690 Of Traps i do not know!

  12. idk what the hell he's talking abt but he sounds smart

  13. Isnt it better to take the brishop first so we dont lose the bishop after we take the queen?

  14. It’s me again, just letting u know I changed my YT name

  15. Wait you should have taken the Bishop before taking the queen because it comes with check

  16. Do you use lichess and if yes what’s your rating

  17. I have so many games that start like this in the french as white! I'll start playing that bishop move as white now for the trap

  18. I started watching you when I was 250 elo. I'm now at 1.1k and istg up to 700 my every win was because of your traps. Love your channel 😎

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