Valkyrae Find Disgusting Checkmate

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Gotham Chess

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  1. Alright I'm rated about 1000 but I'm struggling getting past this threshold I really struggle with seeing into the future so like traps setup can someone please give me some pointers?

  2. I love that everyone is assuming she's just dumb and couldn't of possibly found this move.

  3. Context: this was a Ludwig random tournament where bad players could see the eval bar. I watched this game live. Valkyrae was absolutely rattled and depressed cause she was convinced she threw away her queen. She was so down on herself that her opponent (they were in a discord call together) had to tell her that the eval bar had her mating in 2. Definitely wasn’t cheating

  4. So I play around 700 in 5 minute chess and what's wild is this shit happens all the time. I swear 500+ players can't find mate in 1 but, good lord they'll find mates like these.

  5. For context, im pretty sure shes playing in an event where you can see the eval bar from stockfish, which would have tipped her off to a mate, no matter how crazy it is

  6. I love watching these videos. Theyre like 6 dimensions ahead thinking while im just looking at the cool pawns moving forward

  7. So is she banned or what? It is impossible for her to have found this sequence

  8. Nah she wouldn't find that by herself, it's just impossible for her

  9. Wow! I’m no pro by any means but i appreciate rare moments like this 😂 That’s a fucking CRAZY mate

  10. The players can see the eval bar in this format. If you're 1000 rated and you see M3 in the eval bar, you're gonna find it 90% of the time.

  11. I am 2600 puzzle ,i could not find that😢😢

  12. Her who probably played a total of ten games, finding those moves
    Me with around 5 years still blundering my queen💀💀💀

  13. Isn’t that a queen on d2 subscribe button blocking

  14. Players could see the eval bar while playing this game

  15. Im 1500 took me a while to find the sequence there wp

  16. Okay, lots of accusations, speculation, etc. Can someone tell me if she actually has any experience with chess? Cause if does actually play at all, like around or above 1000, then I buy it. If she doesn’t play at all, just knows the rules, this is very suspicious.

  17. Lmao people in the comments malding. Not to take anything from far she had an evaluation bar, she probably hung up the queen but Rae is a lot smarter than you think. Stop being insecure

  18. No way she found that , I'm 1900 and I wouldn't have found it , I would have gone the easier route with taking the queen

  19. And then she sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The day I'm able the play this level. I'm just gonna jerk off praising my self

  21. Probably an accident or she's cheating, I'm okay with finding the knight fork but the queen sacrifice to remove the knight so the rook covers the 2 escape squares of the king? Hell naw that's a 1800+ find.

  22. Wait do they know the evaluation and that is why Valkyrie saw that?

  23. But how both knight can go on brown square? ? Should be one on brown and the other one on white or am i db?

  24. I've been seeing clips of valkarays games and she finds brilliant moves all the time it seems like I think something fishy is going on

  25. Valkyrae found that move? Does she have experience in chess?

  26. Watching pogchamps will make anyone above 1200 Elo vomit from people playing so badly

  27. You know what pisses me off? Those fucking chess players acting like every other human isn't capable of thinking "damn, if this horse was gona I would have a checkmate, how could I get rid of it" like it doesnt matter what elo you are if you arent a dummy, you are still capable of logical thinking.
    Honestly people in the comments arw worst, they act like you arent even capable of sacrifisng pieces if you didnt play chess for 3 years.

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