Want to be 1000 in chess?

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0:00 Intro and 5 STEPS

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  1. this has been the most helpful chess video i have ever seen
    and will probably continue to be the one I come back to for reminders for some time.

  2. The amount of times I've seen 500s display perfect chess principles with 0 mistakes is amazing. Online chess is interesting.

  3. i just bought platium and that helps me vwery much and you too

  4. Im 800 and im shocked after seeing the 900 game, they literally played like 600

  5. Amazing video Levy, if you put your mind to it, you will be a gm!

  6. This was eye opening, I make all of these dumb mistakes and now looking at someone else do it, I realize how bad they are.

  7. Started chess a few months ago. (850 Blitz) I've noticed that i end up in positions that much higher rated players tend to end up in based on history of matches, but i seem to lack the fundementals. Watching that 500Elo game made me realize that i often make 500 elo moves still when im in positions that should be much better. Something as simple as the double knight move during the opening. That's literlly something i would probaly do. i seem to always be down -6 at the beginning and psycho checkmate for defense weird enough lol

  8. Levy: Wanna be 1000 ELO in chess?
    Me, 1500 ELO: 😐

  9. no 500 i have ever played is as stupid as the first game

  10. How are my 700 games harder than this… or maybe I'm the just the one who blunders a lot lmao

  11. Thank you so much. I watch these games and laugh knowing full well I do the same things they were doing 😅 I'm about a 750 or so. I feel like I'm improving though.

  12. Great stuff Levy! Enjoyed it. Knowing how to think logically is a great game saver and the only way to improve your rating….have a thought process in place is the takeaway.

  13. 9mins on move 15 lol
    My mom says capture the pieces they make you distracted( the board isn't clear enough to see better)…….

  14. Whats the difference between a capture and attack?

  15. Ay man thank you.

    This is your first video that I watched in its entirety. Amazing and when I touch 1000 I will come back for the 1500 one.

    Thanks once again for making chess great again.

  16. I play blitz, 15-20 best moves on average, 3 great moves ,but all I get is 10 elo
    And when I blunder,I lose 20-30

  17. i will be confident and play semi good(i’m still new so good is a loose term) and i’ll go on a win streak, then i’ll be getting overconfident and go on a losing streak keeping me at the same elo. I will literally win the same amount as i lose and lose the same amount as i win it’s terrible but it’s just so hard for me to not do that

  18. After about a 4 month period of taking chess seriously for a couple weeks on then not a few weeks off, I have climbed 250 elo and finally reached 1000

  19. I was 2100 Elo and I’m now I’m 100 elo cause of Levy

  20. This is amazing Learning! but so funny how how he reacts to 600 elo hangs pieces hahaha. It is hilarious hahaha. This is Classic

  21. I'm literally only 550 ELO but everytime I see levy review ~500 elo game they play like children. Why do my opponents know every possible strategy there is but these guys don't know that you should maybe do something else than only move your pawns

  22. Hope chess is my signature playstyle, but I am indeed 600 rated 😭

  23. I'll be back for the next one after I reach 1000

  24. I am offended by this video 😡😡

  25. thanks for reminding me to focus in the center. I FRICKIN BLUNDERED MY QUEEN FOR NO REASON. levy is definitely a chess teacher fosho

  26. Pinoy Chess Players who saw Elo 579 IGN Bolboito: 👁️👄👁️

  27. ok 😻👑💋💍😁😘👏🙌😻👑💋💍😁😘👏🙌😻👑💋💍😁😘👏🙌😻👑💋💍

  28. Bro the 500s I play do not play like this I swear 🤣

  29. I just won a match against a 246 elo using your steps levy

  30. damn I wish people played this bad when I play. Great video btw, ur one of the best chess coaches

  31. Bro when i play with a 400 rating it not look like this. Bro he look like rating of 1000

  32. shit game i get matched against unfair opponents

  33. This was helpful and entertaining. I thought it was 15 minutes, until I saw that it was 30+

  34. I was 78 billion evo and now I am 1000, thanks Levy!

  35. As a 2000 i don't want to be 1000 elo player, thanks.

  36. I started in October and made it through 1000 a month ago. Hit a bit of a plateau again and need to focus on the checklist and improving counting to move on it. Think a couple of hundred is possible but it feels harder now, you get a lot fewer stupid early queen attacks once you go past 1000.

  37. As a player almost 500 rated I've never seen players never play that bad. I've seen rated 350 players play better.

  38. proud to say that I've officially hit 1000+ elo today, I'm 1052 now to be exact.

  39. This was exactly the video I needed. I have a decent early game but I break down mid game. I truly appreciate how you, not only spoke about the check-list, but also broke down how in each situation the check list can be applied.

  40. I play people that play like they’re on 1000+ elo but are actually 400+

  41. my god thank you for doing an actual 500-600 level video. i feel like this video addresses HOW to use basic principles rather than just repeating WHAT they are. i've been realizing i need to swallow my ego a bit and improve my baseline skills.

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