Want to be 1000 in chess?

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  1. I've gone up like 150 elo since yesterday cuz of your vids!

  2. My dad taught me to play when I was a boy. It took me 6 months to learn enough to dominate our games. I played a game online for the first time a week ago. Elo score was 1273. Is this good? Thanks.

  3. i've finally reached 1000 elo, thanks to you for that 🙂
    Your videos really helped get to there. I'd like to make it to 1800 one day, so i'll surely continue to watch those

  4. omg i just realized how bad i am at this game 😱…. i knew i was bad but not how bad

  5. I am happy to see Gotham Chess videos with less than 500k views.

  6. Lol the 500s and 600s don’t play like the ones in this video lol they seem way more advanced #nocap

  7. I will need to lose 1000 points to be 1000 in chess 😀

  8. No thats not typical stuff. I can beat up to the 1500 rating bot and these 450 elo players are actually more dificult to beat than the bot. Oh i wish my opponents were that bad i whould be at 1000 elo weeks now.

  9. "good opening"

    bongcloud has 66% win rate for me

  10. So you can move the rook and king in 1 move? “Castled”

  11. I was 1001 ELO and watching this video took me directly to 1000.

  12. Hellnah ive been on 300 and these mfs play karokan

  13. I want to be 1000 in blitz, I'm already 1000 in rapid, why is blitz so hard?

  14. lol i watched this vid and then won like 5 games in a row

  15. I want to learn faster by learning more with each game which is why I play on 30 minutes and just try to be as rational as possible without worrying about time.

  16. As a Filipino bolbolito is so iconic 💀💀💀💀

  17. I saw most of those mistakes all the way up to the last game, but i cant break out of the 500s

  18. I am currently 500, why are my games not as chaotic as what he showed 🤨

  19. Levy you’re so unselfish and caring when it comes to sharing your secrets and helping budding chess players. Thank you for everything

  20. I've increased by 160 points to ALMOST 1000 in the last 60 days and I was quite dismissive of this video but when reviewing my first game after watching it I missed an easy (retrospectively) win over a higher-rated opponent who ended up winning. The advice is spot on!

  21. WORKES!!! Confirmed by me watched a day ago and am now rated 1000 elo in the chess game!

  22. This is my favorite form of Levy. Seems happy, must’ve had chat disabled 😂😂

  23. epic video started playing with roughly 80% accuracy with relative consistency. Prior I would often hover right around 70% and often dip under and on occasion have a clean 80% game.

  24. Dude I’m 500 by my opponents don’t do stuff like this

  25. I just started playing chess and am sitting around 500, after 10 games played. I notice most of my blunders, but I am always skeptical that my opponents are using external sources. I'm sure I just blunder way more than I realize, but it seems like the 400s are playing pretty well overall. The ranking gaps in chess are insane to comprehend, but hopefully, I can climb. If anyone has any recommendations for new players, I would love to check them out. Other than this channel, of course, this video was great.

  26. Levy, this was amazing. I'm 800+ and just took a page of notes. Thanks for putting things in a way I can "usually" understand on the first listen. One of my top three chess videos!

  27. Do I want to be 1000 in chess?
    not so much but if you condensed this into a 5 minute video I might consider it 😅

  28. me watching this twice to double it and be 2000+
    – me so smart)

  29. I got to 940 after watching this, and then dropped back to 900. Looking at my recent game reviews it appears I can punish my opponents mistakes reasonably well, but I'm not very good at setting up a strong position for myself in the first place. How can I get better at this?

  30. That checklist tip is so helful i checkmated my losing endgame

  31. okay why are these 500s rated higher than me im 150 (and cant get past that) but I play better than them

  32. screw chess analysis engines, I want Levy to analyze my games!

  33. I am not joking I found a snake in my room while watching this video

  34. the opponents i play that are 300 elo are way better than the first two guys 😂

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