We come to the end… Intermediate Opening Tier List: The End

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman use @tiermaker to create Part 3 of a Chess Opening TIER LIST from the point of view of an intermediate player (1200-1800).

Part 1:
Part 2:


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0:00 Intro
0:04 King’s Gambit
3:22 King’s Indian Defence (KID)
4:20 Latvian Gambit
6:18 London System
7:43 Marshall Attack (Ruy Lopez/Spanish)
10:47 Nadjorf (Sicilian)
12:58 Nakhmanson Gambit
16:36 Nimzo Indian
17:45 Nimzo Larsen
18:43 Orangutan/Polish
21:38 Petrov’s Defense
25:14 Phiidor Defense
26:12 Pirc Defense
28:05 Ponziani Opening
29:06 Portugese Gambit
30:28 Queen’s Gambit
31:23 Reti Opening
32:27 Rossolimo
34:16 Ruy Lopez
35:40 Scandinavian
37:45 Scotch
38:46 Sicilian Defense
39:11 Slav
40:30 Smith Morra Gambit
42:15: Sodium Attack
43:10 Stonewall
45:17 Tromposky Attack
48:05 Vienna Gambit
50:12 Advanced French

Thanks to HolyExcalibur for the timestamps

#gmhikaru #chess #chessopenings


  1. Oh no I feared the end for a long time

  2. Hikaru uploaded a video 8 sec ago
    Me: let's write a comment

  3. Hikaru's twitch chat spamming PogO every time Hikaru talks something good about himself 😂

  4. Europe: It's 7am man, go yo sleep for godness' sake.

    Hikaru: Would you fancy another video? 😏

  5. If berlin defence is so bad. why did alpha zero next to one trick this opening?

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