What to do in a chess opening? – Beginner to Chess Master #5

This is video #5 from the “Beginner to Chess Master” playlist. Presented is what you should do in the opening of a chess game. The focus of a chess opening is on building a combative structure and developing efficienctly. A great emphasis is placed on the ‘pawn duo’ and its strength in the game. Moreover, some important opening tips and principles are shared regarding the pawns. Shown are several examples on how to successfully build a combative structure and develop efficiently in a chess opening.

Beginner to Chess Master Playlist:



  1. You're the Bob Ross of chess, great explainings !

  2. This is the best lesson for a beginner like me… thanks man!

  3. Your Videos are grand Pal! very well done, helpful and appreciated. .. Mike.

  4. It may be important to note that passed pawns can not only control the two diagonal squares in front of them, but may also prevent the enemy pawns from moving up two squares due to the threat of en passant. In this way, they control more than two squares each.

  5. Thank you Jerry, your teaching has improved my games emiensley and theroy for the "development, development and continuing development leading to controlling the center squares, also your comments on the
    "hope chess" opening is quite compelling which should eliminate the cheap tricks of the losers that try for a quick unethical so-called win.
    Again, thank you for sharing your knowledgebase through your tutorials, and keep the learning experiments comming. Sully.

  6. Thank you for making these videos, they have been very helpful

  7. Im not really a chessplayer….but this playlist….am I mistaken, or could it have been a hundred times longer in order to just scratch the surface. 🙂 But it's a good start and "go to" for absolute beginners such as I. Cheers

  8. I'm a beginner. And this is what i precisely needed. The why behind the openings instead of what there names are.

  9. Nice explanation, love it….

    But by your definition, the most common pawn duo cannot be the d4-e4 pawn duo, as its not in every game like the a2-b2 pawn duo, or the b2-c2, c2-d2……
    🤣jk lol

  10. I am a beginer and understand the opening from now o will follow your videos

  11. NO this does not mean a row of pawns is good it blocks all the pieces

  12. Thank you for this great explanation I'm going in a journey from a piece mover to a chess player your videos truly tide together a lot of the concept that I knew but they were loose like my Pawns.

  13. I loved this vid. You help me understand what i should be doing in a opening. And not rote memory of a strategy i don't understand. Best chess opening vid i've seen.

  14. I feel like this is one of the most important videos to watch for beginners like me

  15. Which chess software is this that you are using?
    I like that you can use arrows, circles, etc to aid in analysis.

  16. Wryyyyy!(Everything is a JoJo reference) says:

    Yes, kay.

  17. These video are getting my chess juices flowing again
    Thank you

  18. He said this is a progressive series of videos, what number is this? I couldn't find number 1?

  19. These vids are masterpieces. Straight to the point but you’re not rushing what so ever. Very informative, thanks

  20. I wish Jerry did online tuition, such a good teacher

  21. Jerry, I love your videos. I like how you have notes at the side that we can screanshot and look at later. It makes it much easier to internalize them and remember them when we needed. I am not new to chess, but I am a bad player because I just don't know enough. Thanks for your channel. Maybe I will be able to learn more and win now and then….

  22. I've been playing for years, but I still learned a lot from this video. Thanks!!

  23. At 11:00 why doesn’t the black knight take the white knight located at d4

  24. Excellen video!!!….The way you break things down and show each and every move is greatly appreciated….some other channels I watched are to fast for me….I certainly got a love out of your video…gong off now to try these moves…very logical…no need to memorize….

  25. Wow, I learned a lot! Thank you very much for this comprehensive tutorial. 👍🙏

  26. I'm done watching Netflix. Im here for Chess only

  27. Thank you so much my openings were always clumsy but after watching this my next game i used an unchallenged pawn duo and let my bishop out before advancing another pawn leading to my bishop on a diagonal with a hasty queen and a rook winning me the rook (the player resigned a few moves later)

  28. I know this video is old so the comment section is probably dead, but I gotta say, I love this video. I’ve always felt overwhelmed at the thought of openings and having to take so much time to memorize what felt like random things, but this video helped me understand the mentality and goals of starting a game which is just what I needed. Once I’m more comfortable I might jump into the standard games playlist.

  29. Good advice, but to avoid falling asleep, go to Settings (Daisy Wheel) then change Play Back Speed to 1.5

  30. Chess Analysis 64 تحليل الشطرنج ٦٤ says:

    Cool and interesting, thanks Jerry

  31. When I was a kid, I took some basic chess training. The idea of checkmate with a queen/rook, the value of the pieces, development and fighting for the centre, the open/closeness of files, all of that was shown to me at an early age and I internalised it easily.

    However this concept of the pawn duo is a gap in my basic knowledge. I suspect that this section of the video might then be perfectly shoring up what may be the biggest weakness I have in my casual chess intuition.

  32. Finally got some time to see how to play chess and win. So, I'm looking all around for the perfect format for my learning curve. Played some chess on line got creamed. What was frustrating was I needed somebody over my shoulder telling why this and that is happening. I got Questions. So I came across this clip. Exactly what I needed. The first ten moves I could be a world Champion. But I got to understand the why of it all and see patterns.I just need to get through the first 10 moves . Be Rock solid. Not take 10 minutes to think about next move…(Played about 40 games and finally got to an end game but nota clue how to close it out…Time ran out….

  33. Thank you, Jerry! I’ve been confused by the myriad names and structures of openings / defenses / gambits! These fundamental principals of openings and defenses are a wonderful and understandable foundation for me. 💪

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