When a Beginner Challenged Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest chess players of all time, and should not be crossed

But Max decided to try and beat him in a chess challenge, and created one of the most entertaining chess videos of all time

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  1. Well, Any AI could EASILY defeat any world champion at a game like chess…

  2. If i were Magnus i would've never agreed to such a clowning. Wanna play against me? Win tournaments. I would at least says to him "if you win just one certified tournament in your city or state, just one, doesn't matter if it's a major or minor one, then I'll meet your challenge".

  3. More like "A complete noob" … going in with that kind of "I'm an extreme learner" … Sure, if ANYBODY goes and obsessively does something for a month … they SHOULD get better at it.

  4. mf you could practice for 500 years and still not be able to beat magnus

  5. "Magnus agreed to a rematch when his algorithm was finished." 😏🤣

    Magnus gonna demoralize him for a second time lol.

  6. Dude wasn't nervous he was just taking a long time to find the most destructive way to beat him

  7. It took him 4 weeks to learn the lesson that there is no way he could beat him.

    Not a fast-learner in my book

  8. I think Max even getting the privilege of playing magnus is an achievement

  9. Bro even my friend has a 1200 rating 🫠

  10. Player-Max1234 Entered
    earns coins
    VeRy LoUd FoOtStEpS
    “WaT tHe FaK-“

  11. This max guy is the dunning Kruger effect given form…

  12. I was laughing my ass off during this entire video at the idea of Max thinking he had any shot what-so-ever XD

  13. Imagine if Magnus just started laughing like a super villain.

  14. there are chess ratings? wtf is this dragonball or smth

  15. im 14 and i have been playing for a year or so, and i can beat a lvl 18, 2200 ELO.

  16. It pisses me off how ignorant he is, to think he has a chance against a literal chess prodigy, who also has 20+ years of experience. It is also very apparent that his quick learning is a compensation for his lack of critical thinking, ignoring the beforementioned, he thought his (probably mac) computer would be able to learn all possible positions and somehow automatically create an AI he can play against, and then make himself remember more than a centillion different positions

  17. Hafu would be notable in how fast she learned for just PogChamps

  18. I'm rather sure Magnus was nervous for about zero moves. I mean basic center play for the first 2 moves in not very hard to remember.

  19. this proves that chess is not just about high IQ

  20. 0:10 you need stop believing any shit they tell you in the internet man. Be like stable at chess but not too good and play against 10 players that are little bit worse player than you blindfolded. Dude how you win blindfolded this ain't possible. Stop it dude just stop it. Think a little bit and you can answer when he say he win blind folded

  21. so this 'extreme learner' wanted to learn chess by… getting a computer to play for him? What? What chess skill is he supposed to learn from that?

  22. What was that guy even thinking about 😂

  23. max looks like he has nothing going behind those eyes.

  24. A professional learner, I’ve heard it all

  25. I feel like I've learned more about chess than this guy in like 2 weeks just from watching Gothamchess videos bro 💀

  26. *claims to be a fast learner, trys to build an algorithm when stockfish is available, claims he made magnus nervous IN AN OPENING WITH BOOK MOVES!!!!

    max is to say the least an idiot for thinking he has even the slightest chance against magnus

  27. For an extremely fast learner, he is surprisingly dumb thinking it's easy for a computer to calculate and analyze all possible moves in Chess. We had superintelligent AI agents playing chess and winning with world champions but none of them memorized ALL Chess moves, it's just impossible with current technology. There are more than 10^40 possible (legal) moves, memorizing them requires 10^20 TIMES more memory than all computers in the world have when put together. Not to mention analyzing every move to see if it's good or bad given the situation…

  28. “Keep him a little bit nervous in the first 8 moves.”

    If you’re losing in a Rui Lopez in 8 moves, you need to get a new hobby. Leave and never return.

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