When a Beginner Challenged Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest chess players of all time, and should not be crossed

But Max decided to try and beat him in a chess challenge, and created one of the most entertaining chess videos of all time

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  1. 5:09 “keeping him a little bit nervous for at least 8 moves was a minor victory. – Bruuuh “

    😆😆 yeah ok sweetie, magnus was nervous alright

  2. how come nobody is talking about how impressive this guy is? hes basically the embodiment of the renaissance

  3. He didn’t fully extend on those pull ups 😂😂

  4. So any tom-pick-harry can play Magnus? I want to play too. I am not as half bad as this dude. And I would get an opportunity to meet Magnus !!

  5. You need so many years to become a grandmaster and even more to beat the worldchampion

  6. The 40 pullups…. were at like 40% range of motion… didnt even bend his elbows half way

  7. wtf 1 year with a pro and you can only hit 1000…. i started a chess account and hit 1000 after reading like 2 articles about london open…. HOW

  8. The idea of this video was terrible no shit he was gna lose but well made and entertaining none the less lol

  9. It is the same to try to "master" mma in a month and challange jon jones :') this guy has no idea what he is doing

  10. "I'm going to create an algorithm that goes through all the possible moves"

    Oh, you mean an algorithm that people all over the world have been trying to create for decades but can't because Chess has an infinite number of diverging outcomes? How's that going for you, Max?

    The problem with Chess is that if you play perfectly, and your opponent plays perfectly… it ends in a draw. Every. Time. This means that an algorithm that can calculate a win is impossible. The great part about humans is that we are imperfect beings, which means that in nearly every game, someone will eventually make a mistake, and if your opponent sees it, takes advantage of it, and never makes a mistake themselves, it's game over… but in order for that to happen, someone has to make a mistake.

    So good luck on creating a solution to a problem that cannot be solved.

  11. 1000 in one year I took one month and now I am on 1249

  12. Masters get destroyed by grandmasters and grandmasters lose to Magnus. Being fast at learning isn’t enough to become even a Master in Chess. The game is just too complex and actually takes practice and study to learn. I don’t care if you’re smarter than Einstein learning Chess in a day as new to the game will probably bring you to a rating of about 500 😂

  13. Magnus was never annoyed he was just bored crushing a noob

  14. this sound fake af, he can't be that oblivious

  15. commentator somehow understanding all of this wth

  16. Max is an extreme moron, not an extreme learner lmfao. The fact he thinks magnus was worried is the funniest thing I have ever heard.

  17. Dude is such a blockhead he wasted 4 weeks trying to invent stockfish.

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