Why did Magnus Carlsen SMILE? #shorts

Pragg’s first draw against Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess! 😍

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Bro the kid can skewer the Queen How is it a draw

  2. Magnus made a mistake and the boy didn't realize it

  3. In the last full screen position shown, where Magnus moves his king out of check to e4, doesn’t Pragg have Rh1+ to pick up the white queen on a8? What am I missing?

  4. Because Magnus thought that his opponen resigned: he placed his king on a wrong squear. Queen checks and takes opponent's queen

  5. Yeah in the digital board all you have to do is move ur queen to check the king diagonally winning magnus’ queen

  6. He should give check from white and he could easily get one more queen

  7. Black queen at last move would skewer the white king to queen

  8. I don't know why he do that , did he change the place deliberately

  9. I think it is a win for black as after Kd3 Qf1+ then u get a queen

  10. Magnus made a blunder by moving the king to e4 cause it will cause a skewer when Qh1#

  11. Magnus : "e5 not h3"
    Pragg : "h4 not e6"
    communication complete

  12. why did anyone didn't noticed that magnus just hung a queen 💀💀

  13. Magnus + Firouzja + Pragg = My current favorite players.

  14. He could have just check the king one last time to get a queen

  15. check and take his white queen! but he so luck he accept draw 😀

  16. Could have just put him queen in the corner and give a swerer

  17. Ke4 qa8 king moves queen takes?? Why did they draw? Prag could've won that right?

  18. Why didn't he pin the king with a queen???

  19. Why did Magnus Carlsen smile?
    Me: because he is a human I guess

  20. What about qh1 don’t you win the queen there?

  21. This is the most boring bs I have watched today

  22. When he offered draw he could play the Queen to h1 and threat the King and Queen in same time. If he had done that Magnus would lose his Queen and ultimately he would be in worse status. So when his opponent offered him draw, he smiled a bit.

  23. Isn’t there a skewer on the white diagonal

  24. The video shows the wrong position or something, why would they draw if black is completely winning at the end after Qh1?

  25. Prag can move Qxh1 and can win opponents queen

  26. The chess board is showing king peice moving in a wrong direction in the last 2 moves

  27. Bro we can just put the black queen in the corner and can take white queen

  28. He could have tricked his queen with the king at the end. Magnus made the mistake but he called to draw I guess. Magnus realised and smiled.

  29. He could win QueenA8 after last move giving a check at h1

  30. In the end magnus loses because of Qh1+ skewering the king and queen

  31. He smile because it's blunders he been queen less 😂😂😂

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