Why people don’t resign in this elo??

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Hikaru Nakamura

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  1. Is Fettuccine Carbonara supposed to be Fabiano Caruana? Lol

  2. Bro I ain't no grandmaster I ain't resigning. Half the time I either get stalemated or draw/win on time.

  3. If it’s late game, I won’t resign so that my opponent can have the satisfaction of checkmate

  4. They probably would have resigned if they weren't playing Hikaru!

  5. Holy fucken shit Thorin must have terabytes and terabytes of receipts o.o

  6. I swear to God if I see one comment about how good hikaru is at premoving in this clip Imma lose it

  7. They don't resign because they don't believe in sportsmanship and they like spending 30 minutes a day playing hopelessly lost positions for a maximum of 12 elo points.

  8. This man makes look chess like there is nothing like turns

  9. Some people don't resign to give their opponent the satisfaction of checkmating someone. Because nothing is better than checkmating someone

  10. They don’t resign because they might stalemate, run out of time. Stuff like that

  11. So nobody gonna talk about the fettuccine carbonara!!!????

  12. Watching Hikaru premove makes my brain hurt lol.

  13. That king moving was so sad when hikaru was moving the ponds

  14. Because the other player might hit the 50 move rule while trying to do something stupid.

  15. If I blunder a pawn, I resign (I am 800 elo)

  16. I think never resigning is right it could be unlikely rare in this elo to get stalemated bu you should always go for it

  17. I don't resign because if I resign every time I see that I cannot win, I wouldn't learn much

  18. Sometimes I don't resign because I know I played bad and I need a moment to cool down but I also know if I resign I'll instantly start a game so the time in which it takes my opponent to mate me is the only time I can truly gather myself

  19. Honestly I think people don’t resign because they are playing hikaru, who’s really carrying on with just a king in this position 😂

  20. Because id rather let my opponent play out to checkmate than give him the dissatisfaction of getting resigned on right before you are able to open up a real play

  21. I hear a beat that Hikaru made with chess that actually sounds good

  22. Not one, not two, not three…FIVE ROOKS!!!! 🤣🤣

  23. I’ve somehow won a rook endgame with one against 2 at this level and it’s good enough for me

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