Win A Queen in 10 Popular Openings [Tricks & TRAPS to Fool Your Opponents]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you some really cool opening tricks to fool your opponents and win their queen in just a few moves. These traps have high win/success rates and are from 10 different, popular chess openings! You can win a queen in just 6 moves in some of these openings.

Through these opening traps, you will learn one of the most common tactical patterns involving sacrificing your central pawn(s), getting one of your minor pieces (bishop or knight) into your opponent’s territory, and then deflecting your opponent’s king to win their queen.

There’s also a puzzle challenge for you at the end with which you can test the knowledge you’ve gained from these traps. Also, please let us know in the comments below which of these traps you loved the most.

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Opening TRICK to Fool Your Opponent & Win Their Queen
00:21 Trap-1: Tennison Gambit in Zukertort/Reti opening
02:17 Trap-2: Italian Game, Blackburne Shilling Gambit
04:23 Trap-3: Englund Gambit against 1.d4
05:45 Trap-4: Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
07:10 Even titled/advanced players fall for this evil trap! 
08:33 Trap-5: Smith-Morra Gambit in Sicilian Defense
10:01 Trap-6: Scandinavian Defense (Van Geet Opening: Hector Gambit)
11:37 Trap-7: Albin Countergambit in Queen’s Gambit Declined
13:28 Trap-8: King’s Gambit Declined, Falkbeer Countergambit
15:37 Trap-9: Budapest Gambit (works against stronger players)
18:04 Trap-10: Scandinavian Defense
20:06 Puzzle of the day: Can you find the winning moves?

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  1. puzzle= move queen to h5 to give check then the king moves to d8 then move black square bishop to A5 then the queen is traped now the game is end then you can win by capturing the queen

  2. I came up with a cool Scandinavian trap first go e4 enemy goes d5 you go d3 opponent takes your d3 pawn. Then you take that d3 pawn.then your opponent goes nf6 attack your pawn but then you go bishop to c4 then knight takes your e4 pawn but then you unleash the devastating bf7. Hope you can win games with this!

  3. Wow! Im an amateur 1200
    And I can't stop smiling while watching this video!!!
    Thanks again! Keep it up.

  4. imo the evaluation in trap 8 is relatively equal (a knight, bishop + rook for a queen is fair and the whole black’s queen side is wide open)

  5. After watching, I played around 8 games rapid online, and behold, I lost all hahaha
    Igor, I realized most of your scenarios are GAMBIT ACCEPTED. sadly all my opponent DECLINED and I'm lost on what to do . 😂

  6. Trap3 doesn't give you massive advantage with so many pieces being sacrificed. I mean getting the Queen itself gives you only +2. If they don't take the knight, you end up giving them +1. The way you present it, it's a winner. However, in my opinion, you shouldn't get too excited about it, even if it works

  7. Amusing video 🤠 fun tactics for experienced players. Newbies should stay away from these and stick to the basics 😀

  8. I think my smartphone has already watched this video as it falls for none of these traps!

  9. Hey, could you make a video where to cover best lines for both in North or Danish Gambit?

  10. The solution to the puzzle is Qh5+ (IF g6 – Bxg6+) Kd8 forced, and Ba5 pins the queen. The bishop is protected by the queen on a5. Black queen is going to be captured, with check, on the next move.

  11. Hmm. Usually my opponents play pawn 5f instead of knight G5. that stops the whole move

  12. Відчуйте Силу львівского гамбіту курви!)

  13. The first trap doesn’t work, people don’t play the most common moves 😂

  14. You're the best chess teacher of all time 👍👍🙌🙌

  15. I’ve been watching so many chess video lately from other YouTubers to improve my game, and I’m very glad that I found yours.

    I don’t need to watch or search for anything else. There’s lot more to grasp from your lessons.

    Thanks for making these helpful videos.

  16. I'm starting to play chess and my son in law acts like he's better than me but I'm gonna crush him with these openings. Thanks Bwahahahahahahahaha

  17. Knight and bishop, exchange with a queen, is it good?

  18. In trap #2, the Italian game. I’ve played the black opening moves(…Qg5) then it was Bf7+ and completely fouled up the rest of the game. Is there a queen trap continuation that I’m not finding if Bishop takes f7 over the knight?

  19. Love the first four traps, Igor. It was a simple continuation of play that led to the queen being lost
    I'm going to start using these at once.

  20. In trap 1 I rarely see h6, most opponents seem to develop their knight, which usually prevents the attack. I love these strats but so rarely do they line up.

  21. I hate during first when when opponent defends with bishop!

  22. And what if 4… Bg4 ? 5. Qd2 Pxd3 then resume the main line 6. Bxd3 Pe6 7. Nf7 Kxf7 resume 8. Bg6+? Pxg6 9. QxQ Bb4+ threatening black queen unless sacrifice with 10. Qd2. And black has developed three minor pieces (both bishops, one kingside knight) to our queen only. What's the counter to 4….Bg4?

  23. In the last method instead of moving the queen 19:38 , black can up his pawn to a6

  24. i got a theory here,when he dont attck ur night but moved hes night to d5 and u attacked hes pawn and he takes ur night and u sacrifice ur bishop u dont get a free queen bc hes night is in the way

  25. These traps work in small percentage of real world games, unless you know what the opponent's going to do next. Would love to have more diversified variations.

  26. #7 was weird. Are you saying you would not have been better off by just taking the extra queen by promotion?

  27. Qh5+,g6,bxg6+,kd8 forced,ba5 winning the queen

  28. is the trap 1 called the intercontinetal ballistic missile gambit

  29. I love these trappy openings, always leads to interesting games for me. Rarely do they work but people take weird lines and the positions are wild

  30. I love the comment he makes at @18:05 I learn so much watching this man!

  31. Puzzle solution: Qh5+, If opponent plays Kd8 you play Ba5 (protected by the Queen) and you win opponents queen. If they block the check with the pawn, you take if with your light squared bishop, forcing Kd8 where you play Ba5 again and win opponents queen.

  32. white: Queen>H5
    Black:Queen takes Bishop on A5
    White: Queen takes Black Queen on A5

  33. Dr Rovshan Hasanzade - Beekeeper, Nature🌿Lover says:

    In 7:52 why knight does not move to a6 but queen sacrificed itself?

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