WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!


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  1. Why can’t the black knight capture the white bishop??

  2. What about Schlatt's Fall? Check mate in 3 moves.

  3. But the opponent didn't attack my pawn though.. 😭

  4. when the opponent does a different move……I hate this game ( I just started yesterday)

  5. My dad did this to me because i was copying him😂

  6. one it's check because king can go to d 2

    Edit: then e3 and escape the queen. 😊

  7. What's the name of this mate, mate?

  8. if you take the pawn at b7 with your queen the opponent can just place the horse/knight at c6

  9. Instead of Bc3, I'd do Nc3. It still lets the queen defend the rook.

  10. I always end up in a horrible position when I try this

  11. Not ture the king can move were the queen can't 🙌 get to

  12. Bold of you to think that my opponent's that smart

  13. 99.99999% of players are bringing the pawn forward to block the queen.
    Only idiot players would bring the Bishop back.
    Stupid video.

  14. Jetstream Sam, Destroyer of LGBTQ • 69 years ago says:

    I know a better move.

  15. Jetstream Sam, Destroyer of LGBTQ • 69 years ago says:

    Here's how to win in 4 moves.
    1: Move the pawn on E2 any distance forward.
    2: Move the open bishop to B5.
    3: Move your queen to H4.
    4: Take the pawn on E7 with your queen.
    The bishop protects the queen, and the queen puts the king in check. The king does not have any readily available escape routes, so you win.

  16. Belive it or not a bot did this to me. Course it was 2000 elo

  17. the person that said chess is too hard

  18. Your overestimating that my opponent alos knows how to play

  19. When u place the Queen on b2 and PLUS BISHOP ON C3 CAN TAKE UR QUEEN!!!

  20. What if the Pon moves to e6 instead of defending it with a horse?

  21. Instructions unclear my opponent used kings pawn

  22. I was focused on Capturing the Queen and I didn't even see the checkmate

  23. POV: the knight attacks the bishop instead of the queen attacking the bishop :skull:

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