Win Chess with 6 Moves | Queen Sacrifice #shorts #chess


  1. As black, after bishop c4. Pawn takes knight on e5. Queen takes and i block with my knight on f7

  2. Once you offer the queen black push the Pawn to g5 slide Bishop to F2, once they take the queen slide Bishop to take Pawn at H5 and Checkmate.

  3. Black takes knight
    That was the moment that white knew
    He f…ef up

  4. Actually after Qh5 and Pawn to g6 you should play knight takes g6 so if they take your knight we will just take the rook

  5. Depressing when your opponent makes a different opening

  6. Dont try this opening your opponent might know the gambit and take the knight
    Thats how you can lose a knight for nothing

  7. After you push the pawns you have to play the knight to the wall then sometimes they'll send the dark bishop too and try to get you i can't remember if you have to move the king or if there's other moves to use

  8. This song is funny af man 😂 😂 “They’re gonna take it” 🤣

  9. if you play bc4 and they take your knight you blundered your knight. instead play nxg6 and ur in a winning position.

  10. this is so satisfying to listen to and i dont even play chess

  11. I think the person I played is cheating. They got 2100 elo and I used this 💀

  12. You forgot the horse? Can't the pawn kill it? Your so dumb.

  13. Umm… even noobs wouldn’t move ‘d5’ after your first move ‘e4’ . Every dumb arse saying “ohh yeah it really works”
    Pffff yeah right!!!

  14. There is actually another way to checkmate the king with 6 moves as well for example: queen check blocks with pawn and white bishop protects the queen if they take you take back and mate in six.

  15. Life would be ruined if he didn't push the pawn to attack the queen and took the knight 💀

  16. And then he sacrifices… THE QUEEEEEN

  17. No one gonna talk about him telling people to resign after they lose, huh?

  18. Bc4 was a blunder your knight is un protected

  19. Don't play hope chess your opponent can take the knight instead of queen

  20. I've done the EXACT THING but that is a bad move cause he could eat your knight and queen retreats

  21. Push king pawn instead of taking the quen = you’re fucked

  22. If they take the knight instead you're screwed

  23. Nobody takes queen in real games atleast above 1000 rated players.

  24. bro if its real then why after the quenn got taken it came right back💀

  25. slide the king and bate it there going to take it (blunder) I should resign now oh wait I already lost

  26. They take the knight then you resign because you lost too much piece😂

  27. Move f pawn is any way bad move

  28. Rather take the Knight and you over 😂

  29. Well actually there’s a checkmate in just 1 less move,

  30. İnstead of learning traps learn openings traps wont win you games also take the knight

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