Win Fast In Chess With This Sneaky Opening (Max Lange Attack) ASMR

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  1. I like this, its really relaxing. I just want to point out that at 49:50 after you take queen your opponent can just move their bishop to b4 and you lose the queen either way because of the check and revealed rook.

  2. I am new with 800, this video made my life easy. Thank you 🙏

  3. Always when anyone says C4 i have to giggle

    Edit:C4 IS BOOM!!!am i spycho🤔🤔

  4. I love this video, I was so interested to learn the attack but every time I watch it at night it sends me right to sleep! Thank you for the time and effort you've put in. I can't seem to see any chapters in the video as mentioned at one point, that would be so helpful, but otherwise this is genuinely mind blowing (or tingling) content, definitely my favourite of your work.

  5. This video is great ! ✨
    I've been watching it many times since its upload as i love the idea of the bishop development and sacrifice to force the king to take it and expose himself.

    Recently I've played a friend and he transposed into the Urusov gambit, but since this video doesn't elaborate on this i'm a bit lost as to what moves to do 😂
    So if by any chance you see my comment, know that I'll be happy and interested to see you make a video about this variation/gambit. 😄

  6. best techer ever seen in my life
    huuugee thanx bro🥰😍🙏

  7. Why are you whispering? It is very difficult for us to listen carefully!

  8. Please make a urusov gambit follow up video it keeps coming up in my games and I have no idea what to do 😭😭😭

  9. Can you make a video for the gambit at 50:53 please just got it in a game and can't find a tutorial anywhere

  10. thank you very much for this amazing and relaxing chess lesson/experience.

  11. I'm learning how to play chess so I'm very grateful for this.

  12. Could you do a video on the Urusov gambit?

  13. 20:31 if you take with the rook first when the opponent takes back with the pawn you take with the bishop and win the rook and up material

  14. I've been trying to use the preparation that this video gave me for two days but nowadays no 1400 elo replies 2 ..e5 hahhaahha

  15. What if my opponent also watching this video? 🤔😅

  16. if any of you have watched Django if you listen to him he sound just like Dr King Shultz

  17. This is awesome. Super informative and relaxing plus the pieces are so clean and cool looking!

  18. nah cause hes talking about all of these moves but when i actually try to do this people just try to fools mate cause iom so low elo 😢

  19. this dude should teach at a school, educative yet relaxable

  20. I slept in the middle of the video, but the next day I remembered the Openings

  21. when I do it he plays bishop f4 what can I do

  22. At 28:02, can't black just play d6 and fork the knight and the bishop and then only be down a pawn instead of a piece?

  23. As someone who loves chess and asmr this is perfect

  24. What if after you get into Italian game they move d6 instead of developing the 2nd knight

  25. Wow "look like my grandma teeth" completely caught me off guard 😂😂

  26. Ok..we need the follow up video for bishop to e6 at at the 21:27 mark. Please 😊

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