Win In 7 Moves!

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  1. So what happens if black plays Bishop to C5 instead of moving the knight to F6?

  2. Some of us would never back the king into a corner without an escape route

  3. im trying this way and got 100 accuration. in 900 level :p

  4. Just played it and went fine until in the very last he moved the king to g8 instead of e8 but still awesome 👌

  5. I had someone doing that and so i left the pawn there😆

  6. I'd love to play this but i'm 400 elo and my opponents just- attack my knight with pawn h6-

  7. I thought I was good as a child because I always played this opener in tournaments. Now as an adult I find out this opener is generally terrible post 1400.

  8. Bruh he took with the bishop. Styling on your opponent is better, take with the queen

  9. Ive already watched the Gotham video about the Traxler, I welcome all fried livers with open arms now

  10. He really said you can run but you cant hide

  11. Fried liver, what’s with the fried calamari? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. So proud of myself to discover the complete sequence on my own , even the possible counters and their counters as well

  13. Fun fact I won to my sister in just 2 moves 😂😂😂😂.

  14. been doing the fried liver attack for weeks without knowing the name.

  15. What do I do if the opponent moves his queen 6 instead

  16. Lol I went to try this and won a game in 5 💀 opponent didn't move e and d pawn so his king was trapped and I just put my bishop on f7 which was protected by the knight (600elo)

  17. (plays Nf3)
    Petrov’s defense
    wait that’s not what i learned

  18. Nah! My opponents are not that intelligent to play those moves😂

  19. Btw the knight sacrifice is a brilliant move

  20. From my experience, very few put the King on g8 💁🏼‍♂️

  21. I tried that and…….2100 elo!! Thank you Levy!

  22. I'd just tried this and won the game literally 😂
    Thanks @gothamchess

  23. This is more of hope and prayer than an actual game of chess! 😂

  24. The Duolingo bird beat me in three moves

  25. But what if they actually move in the best position?


  27. Everything went on plan until, black moved knight to A5 😢

  28. Whenever someone tries to hit me with a fried liver attack I play Nxe4 and if they proceed to play Nxf7 I play Qf6 threatening mate. This tactic has worked an believable amount of times.
    I play with 600 Elos

  29. My opponent always defend with a pawn😤😤

  30. Levi some channel "GJ Chess" uses your video content , do you allow them?

  31. Me: Follows this
    My opponent: makes a different move
    Me: 👁️👄👁️

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