Winning with the Best Beginner Chess Opening

In this video, I play a chess game in the Ponziani Opening and achieve one of the most venomous traps.
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Everyone Should Know this Ponziani Trap:


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  1. I've been using this Ponziani since beginning of 2022 and people laughed at such dubious opening. So stoked to see this opening becoming a trend. I have collected all the games that I've won against 2000+ rated players in Lichess using this opening. This opening is definitely way to go.

  2. ambulance 🚑 (!)
    but not for me ….. !!

    ["Squares Around The King" are LOCKED…]

  3. I dialled 91… but then Eric said not to call the ambulance so I hung up.

  4. That was a rather low standard game for being you I believe. 🙂

  5. I got to play against Eric on this stream! Thanks again Eric i can die happy now. Even though our game was an “all you can eat buffet” 😂😂

  6. "Oh no my Queen..Oops .. Someone call the ambulance (but not for me)"- Eric Rosen (2023)

  7. Eric is trying to seduce me with that voice

  8. Levy is so dramatic. The contrast… is even worse cutting from Eric and back.

  9. Caught many in that trap. Thanks Eric <3

  10. Please do a video on the Jerome gambit lines. TY

  11. I wonder how much time Eric spends watching YouTube

  12. 3:22 over acting bro every audience know what is the meaning of your "oh no"

  13. A reminder of my free course which has recieved a lot of eyes recently because of you two 😛

    "Devious Ponziani"

  14. I was laughing immediately after Qc4 even before he went "Oh noooo" 😂😂😂

  15. Levy sneezes like a labrador retriever, adorable

  16. I never understood why the horse, move there. Black pawn d5 is a big fyou on these opening

  17. "Bishop was slightly poisonous, cus rook e1"
    Eric Rosen

  18. He almost got what is known as a pure checkmate! It's when only one piece is checking the king and every square around the king is inaccessible for one and one reason only. Sadly, the d4 square was controlled both by the c3 pawn and the d1 rook.

  19. Recently I was unable to watch Eric’s streams due to a combination of school, life, and timezones. I miss the instructive chess so much! Also, what happened to Eric’s lichess rating? 😅

  20. eric at move 26: i'm completing development

  21. I've been playing the Ponziani exclusively since you posted the first video explaining the 3- knights-column-trap. Many thanks, Eric! But here's the thing: if black plays smartly you get an equal position with the Ponziani at best. If the knights are in the column though, expect good things to happen 🙂

  22. I can’t believe he didnt take his queen lol

  23. Everyone over 800 takes my queen if I play something stupid. Is it because I play 15-minute games

  24. Someone should send this video to GothamChess

  25. If he would have taken your queen at 3:25, you could have moved your rook to e8 and won

  26. Qc4 was a beautiful sacrifice if he accepted

    In 16th move if he took your Queen
    then by Re8 you could check mate him

  27. Ponziani ? Can I use it regularly without thinking or when Knight coming out ?

  28. You scared me with that queen move at first haha

  29. The last video is the only reason I used Ponziani for the last 2 years.

  30. Damn that 1500 was pretty good at spotting some of the traps. Saw your ONMQ which I wasn't expecting.

  31. "Being up material is only good if you pieces can exert dominance."
    And what is good when your pieces can't exert dominance?

  32. now if black go for Bxc4 in move no. 16 and white moves Re8 is it a checkmate ?

  33. Move 25 you had c4! Great video btw, I must practice this trap

  34. Eric, oh god XD what a hilarious person you are!!! I always wait for your videos, and i watch them more for your sense of humour haha!! Thanks for such great videos, always giving me a good laugh 😀

  35. 3:17 black knew about the most basic rule of chess: If you take Eric's queen, you lose. Top tier acting!

  36. 5:35 Eric missed a fork of rook and king if he would have played pawn to c4

  37. My chess openings repertoire is really lacking since I'm just a casual player. As white, mainly Italian opening, Evan's gambit, Vienna and Italian game. As black, basically just the Caro-Kann only, all three major variations (advance, exchange, kaprov) and a little bit of slav. I need to just take an entire weekend and study more openings.

  38. I was "studying" the ponziani on lichess but I couldn't get a game where I could play it. Just finally got a game with it and they played into a trap. AWESOME 😎👍

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