WORST Opening For Beginners

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  1. Here comes Old Benoni that is restricting white's moves and you have to play Benonis

  2. I'm still a reletive beginner (1900) but of you can get the benko gambit on the board its exstremly strong, although I agree with hikaru all the declined variations are super annoying

  3. This is what my sister play idk how she got to know this piece of trash opening

  4. For beginners, it's called Benko Gambit

  5. I like the Benko Gambit, but so far out of 20 people I played against (~1200 Elo), 0 of them accepted the gambit

  6. impractical for beginners but idk if its as bad for them as something like grunfeld is

  7. At the highest level, the best continuation after
    1. d4 Nf6
    2. c4 …
    has recently been found to be 2. … 1-0?!

  8. Magnus be like: I got you brother it's the worst opening now…..

  9. I just move small piece cause i fear how horses work

  10. I just move small piece cause i fear how horses work

  11. Benko or Bennoi. I play and challenge, many times, but if pawn push I push e5 then start casting set up king side. Allows bishop development, Mikail Tal had many games in this style

  12. In beginner stage every opening seems like worst 😂

  13. Love these two guys. There humor is outstanding

  14. the beginning…

    how did the pawn go sideways

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