WORST Opening In Chess…

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  1. I played an opening almost like this as White in the nationals and got destroyed, checkmate after 9 moves. Never did anything like that again after

  2. If anyone is wondering what a disappointed father/teacher looks like…….this. That is all

  3. the defeat in your voice when you said "play E5 at least" lmao

  4. Rookie mistake. You obviously play e5 on move 1 and f6 on move 2.

  5. If you listen carefully you can hear Finegold choking on his rage.

  6. Started learning a week ago, I've been losing like this too frequent, thanks for letting me know why

  7. but Barnes obliterated Morphy with this !

  8. Chess gets a lot easier if you don't enjoy the game

  9. It's totally bizarre that you can stop the knight and the bishop from developing in the center on the left with just on move.

  10. Bro that was mate in one in the third move of the game

  11. I like the clips but why can't we see the whole board?

  12. BongCloud: look what they have to do to imitate a fracture of our power!

  13. Poor Fernando, the best role he can perform is King's bodyguard #1.

  14. I like d5, since the Scandinavian is decent but it can sometimes catch people off guard lol

  15. Am I the only one expecting a King to F7 Bongcloud? 💀💀💀

  16. I did the exact same thing 4 times in a row against someone without realizing what I was doing wrong

  17. What if you lose in the first 20 moves though?

  18. Aw man he went full Gordon Ramsay mode on that poor soul.

  19. 74moves play in just 3 minutes and lose with time out

  20. F5 leads to Kf6… one of my favorite "wreck a chess game" openings 🙂

  21. Stockfish to Levi: u know if you don’t blunder an inaccurate move in the first 10 moves you would be a GM…

  22. I normally play E4/E5
    And develop my knight and bishop so I can castle early

  23. The man who only lays giveaway chess and first time plays original chess 😂 that's a best opening spot in giveaway chess

  24. I actually like f6. You cannot beat that move. If I'm white I just resign.

  25. Major "teacher giving you a rant because he cares" vibes

  26. i play this opening for a month now and i feel so dumb.

  27. Well that's another way to play Wayward Queen Attack

  28. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6 is it good to play 3. Nxe5?

  29. The way you normally get obliterated in this position is 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6 3. Nxe5! fxe5?? 4. Qh4+

    White sacrifices the f3 knight for the exact same attack. Not only did Black fall for it, White gets to keep their knight.

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