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  1. You could play the pawn Infront of the Knight to block the check…

  2. How does he move without the opponent placing something he can move the pawns to n the other ones how?

  3. 💀bro i did that opening and won
    (314) 🤣ik my rating sucks….just started playing

  4. Bro I just saw this video, hopped on chess and then played then he played this

  5. Me: check!
    Opponent: blocks with knight
    Me: welp i have traded 1 knight for 2 pawns…..was it worth it?…..hmmmm……

  6. LOVE I can now use this against my fellow 600s

  7. When the Queen was on H5 you couldn't move a pawn up in between the king and queen forcing the queen to move?

  8. what if the pond didn't kill the knight

  9. It's insane! my opponent in college level chess tournament played this against me TODAY. So it is my duty to comeback and thank you Levy.

  10. Me who does this opening all the time: 👁️ 👄 👁️

  11. All fun and games until they sacrifice a queen for a queen or bishop for queen instead of moving the king

  12. What if you block the queens first check with the pawn ?

  13. Actually the worst opening is when playing as white playing f3 then g4

  14. Pawn takes knight
    Queen: So you have chosen….death 💀

  15. "WORST OPENING In Chess…"
    Schlatt : I will end this man whole shorts

  16. I do this all the time. Please stop telling people not to play it..

  17. Idk, I am sure I have played a worse opening lol

  18. But what if you block your bishop with the pawn

  19. Honestly, you should buzz your hair. would look much better

  20. Why don’t you move the pawn forward to block the check of the queen and force it to retreat

  21. im not an expert at chess but doesnt the queen just take the king if the king moves up to save the queen?

  22. Played this opening yesterday and got wrecked but I did still win in the end

  23. Why don’t then just take Queen with Queen

  24. As an Italian guy named Damiano i can confirm my defence sucks

  25. when check.. u move the pawn infront of the queen. not the king.

  26. Gotham has been waiting for this move all its life

  27. Abe oye ye jo answer hai na wo accurate nai hai ye lgbhag sahi hai tumhare kuran me to ye bhi nahi bataya gaya hai

  28. Who cut your hair yo barber 😫🫢😑😔😛😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  29. Black could just throw the Bishop in front of the king no?!

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