You have to know this (Englund Gambit) #shorts

Checkmate in 8 with the Englund gambit you have to know this chess rap
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  1. The only problem is that i have yet to face someone who moves the d pawn first

  2. White can take enemy quinn in the last variant

  3. What if he plays queen d2 instead of knight to c3

  4. Bro your vid’s are so awesome keep up the good work bro 😎

  5. The video : showing how to do the Englund Gambit
    The Audio : 🏃‍♂️💨

  6. sorry i’m new, how is the last one chck mate???

  7. people really play that move💀💀💀

  8. I got a 100.0 accuracy playing this after d4 E5. Dxe5 Nc6. Nf3 Qe7. Bf4 Qb4. Nc3 Qxf4. My opponent resigned here, but it's a nice screenshot

  9. Im confused how the final checkmate happened

  10. Instead of white queen takin the black bishop, what if he takes it with the white knight?

  11. Конь я для вас шутка какая то?

  12. "he's choking he should really swallow" yo 💀

  13. The waffle house has found it’s new host

  14. the second gambit is the tennison gambit if im right

  15. I got a brilliant move for doing the Bishop sacrifice for queen but it was later in the game where more pieces were developed

  16. when you play against the only opponent is you….

  17. We need a chess rap battle between Bobby and Levy. Danny, make it happen.

  18. Bro ur channel sncks and u should consider offing urseld

  19. I’ve learned chess from my dad years ago but watching these vids I’ve gotten a lot better and checkmated him in like three moves earlier today

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