You have to know this (Englund Gambit) #shorts

Checkmate in 8 with the Englund gambit you have to know this chess rap
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  1. Thanks to you, every time someone says: "you have to know this", my brain is like: "Here's the moves it starts with…"

  2. if this guy says reload it and stay focused one more time

  3. What do u do in the first line if white goes knight d5 forking everything?

  4. How did queen checkmate at the last clip the king could go back and up and it isn't checkmate

  5. why cant he take the bishop with his bishop after the great move?

  6. I hate that I can't change the speed or quality on shorts on my phone 😭😭

  7. People who block the first one by using horse to block pin

  8. this is one of the cringiest things ive ever listened to

  9. Looking forward for these tricks with Beat , New concept which I totally loved .

  10. Man i cant even learn anything because of how you teach you basically just vibe

  11. bro u said i have to focus While you start a voice when there is still someone talking and turn down the volume of the song

  12. But yeah why would you take the obvious baited knight.

  13. So like we're gambling that pawn takes takes takestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakes

  14. I cant do this bec people where I live are too dumb

  15. This is such a dope way to learn openings, but the first sequence kinda relies on your opponent making a lot of mistakes

  16. When you tried again you could have checkmated in like 2 turns

  17. Wait… but the first one isn’t checkmate, the king could just move diagonally

  18. last one is knight bishop and 2 pawn just for a queen

  19. I literally did the first one but my opponent did pawn up instead of the queen after the bishop

  20. Englund gambit is losing by force if played properly by white though ……..

  21. “He’s choking he should really swallow😩🙏"

  22. Imagine if this game wasn't staged and bro is also way rhyming

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